Case Study: E-Commerce Store Grows Revenue With Well-Targeted Facebook Ads.
An e-commerce store based in Los Angeles reached out to us wanting to chat about Facebook ads. They have been running Google Ads for years, but the costs are so high.

They tried running their own Facebook Ads, but they couldn't get it figured out. They would spend hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars and see no sales.

They were frustrated with spending money and not seeing a return on their investment into Facebook ads.

That's when they reached out and scheduled their free Facebook ads strategy call where we helped them understand how to unleash the real power that Facebook has!

The results?

A 15X ROAS (return on ad spend)
in the first month of running Facebook ads, giving them a ~$100,000 increase in BRAND NEW revenue to their business,

If your online store's sales aren't meeting, or exceeding, your expectations, book your FREE Facebook ads strategy call today!
"HOLY...that's incredible. I've never seen ads perform that well so quickly. I can't imagine how they'll perform after the catalog setup & optimization. You guys are amazing!"
- John K.
Nonprofit for At-Risk Youth Reaches More Supporters, Raises New Funds to Build New Campus.

Getting people to your website is hard enough, but getting people to your website and having them stay there for a while? Nearly impossible - or so this nonprofit thought. 

We took the average time a user spent on the website of a Cleveland, Ohio-area nonprofit from an average of 1 minute to 3 minutes! We looked at the needs of this nonprofit’s audiences, and we were able to build a site tailored to those needs. 

The result? They just unveiled their brand new campus expansion of a $4 million dollar facility!

What could you do if you reached your target audience better?

Some of our other clients...
Some of our other clients we've worked with
Hello, we are Duo.
We help e-commerce stores grow their revenue by delivering incredible Facebook ads that lead to more sales!
The competition in today's e-commerce world is tough - but don't just settle for any agency partner to build and manage your ad campaign. Work with an agency partner who wants to develop a long-term, successful partnership together!

We hear the horror stories of other agencies all the time: they sold you on the ideas but underdelivered or failed to deliver altogether. That sucks, and it hurts our entire industry.

At Duo, we are here to build a long-term partnership with your organization. We want to see you grow and find success through the services we offer.

Our services have been precisely curated and refined over a 7-year period to ensure that we are delivering the results you need while still working to be as timely as possible. 

Are you ready to have your e-commerce store bring in more revenue for you? Schedule your free Facebook ads strategy call with us today!

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We help organizations grow through branding, social media advertising and website design. We care about the success of our clients, and to do so we only take on a limited number of them at a time. 

Our company was established by two friends that were tired of agencies treating their clients poorly. Our goal is to create a long-lasting partnership with your organization. So, what do you say - want to be friends?

If your ads are underperforming, or you're not running any ads at all for your online store, please reach out. We want to chat about your business and give you real, actionable takeaways, regardless if we are a good fit to work together or not.
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